Instagram announced Tuesday, March 15, 2016, that the social network is testing a new algorithm to show posts in order of relevance to each user, rather than chronologically.
How can arcades make a comeback with the help of mobile games? Our 2015 Gaming Trend Report explains how.
Johnnie-O has launched a creative social media campaign to bolster product awareness around the lifestyle apparel company’s “Tweener Button.”
September 28th – October 2nd marked the 12th annual Advertising Week in New York City. This year there were more than 240 different seminars from top industry leaders to star-studded celebrities.
Ad-blocks are created to prevent ads from showing up on desktops and mobile devices, which reduces screen clutter and increases loading speed. The most popular ad-blocking program is
The first ad on Instagram came in late 2013, almost a year after Facebook purchased the company. Now, almost two years later, because of the introduction of a self-serve advertising platform ...
On July 12th Hacking Team (an internet surveillance company) hacked Adobe Flash exposing multiple flaws in the Adobe system that could ...
“The company has been reinvigorated, and we are now using Las Vegas as a test market to implement even more new ideas and concepts,” says Mike Evans, the chain’s Vice President of Marketing.
Consumers are back to using their smartphones, and tablets for holiday shopping like BFFs who borrowed a boyfriend’s Black Card.
David Zaitz is a Los Angeles-based advertising, corporate and editorial photographer specializing in location/people photography that often incorporates an ironic and humorous touch.
We all know them: that couple. They're loud. They're rude. And they're your best friends.
"Find" some previously used piece of paper. "Fold" it very carefully. "Fling" it with all your might. That's right, Ignited's semiannual paper-airplane contest is back.
Forms of communication are all around us. How do you get your message to stand out?
An acronym which stands for “Dance Floor Make Out.”
Formerly an abbreviated version of “babe” used in reference to one’s significant other…
An acronym for “From Where I Stand”.
Historically associated with intense fitness (example: “Just finished 100 pushups! #beast"), it is now also commonly used as way to sum up your overall coolness.