Chipping away at the winter blues.
Greater Palm Springs looked to Ignited to help get the word out that not every city is freezing this winter. Palm Springs and its surrounding cities are a year-round destination.

Our team realized that if you can fight fire with fire, you should be able to fight cold with ice. So we froze Summery items, such as flip-flops, swim trunks, golf clubs and tennis racquets, in giant blocks of ice (The Grand Prizes were two round-trip flights on JetBlue to Palm Springs with accomodations). We then stacked those blocks in high-traffic areas of New York (Flatiron Plaza and Washington Square Park) and allowed passers-by a chance to break the items out. Eager participants pulled, pushed, picked and chipped until nothing remained but a large pile of crushed ice.

We left with cold fingers, warm hearts and happy clients.


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