Illuminare Labs is a trio of neuroscientists and radiologists from UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine: Dieter R. Enzmann, MD, Marco Iacoboni, MD and John Mazziotta, MD, PhD. With the most advanced neuromarketing technology, these gentlemen, along with Ignited and CEO Jim Smith, a veteran in the advertising and marketing industry, are able to measure responses in a uniquely accurate way that reveals what truly engages, excites and/or motivates the consumer.



Since the 1920s, marketers have relied on focus groups to understand the mind of the consumer. Unfortunately, this model is often prone to biased opinions, claimed responses, theoretical decisions and peer influence. With neuromarketing, scientists study the brain’s response to marketing stimuli. A new and growing field, neuromarketing already boasts a wide spectrum of schools of thought, from EEG, which measures electric activity of the brain, to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which measures blood flow in the brain. At Illuminare Labs, fMRI is a forward-thinking technology that garners pure, unbiased results of what the consumer is really thinking.



Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a specialized MRI scan that measures the hemodynamic response (change in blood flow) related to neural activity in the brain. In other words, Illuminare Labs reveals emotional response and personal preference that is accurate and exact, providing marketers the research they need to more successfully present their products to the consumer.

To put the tools to the test, Ignited’s own COO, Bill Rosenthal, played guinea pig by going through the MRI machine to, well, get his head examined. Rosenthal’s experience garnered buzz on Adweek. Likewise, at the Digital West Conference in the fall of 2011, Ignited Founder and President Eric Johnson gave a presentation on the topic of agency as investor where he highlighted the momentum behind neuromarketing and Illuminare’s brain-mapping benefits.

Ignited uplifted the company’s identity by given it a name that speaks to the light that the science sheds on desire and predilection, while its tagline encompasses its core purpose: True Thought Revealed. From video games to political campaigns as well as product and packaging design to print advertising and TV taglines, Illuminare Labs provides the metrics that creative researchers seek.