Redefining the massively multiplayer online space, Trion Worlds was preparing to unleash a fantasy MMO role-playing game that would go against the standard trend. Triple-A titles, according to gamers, certainly cost a lot, but rarely deliver the goods. Trion wanted to create an online video game that was constantly evolving and where users could influence that evolution.



Short on funds and time, game developers and publishers of MMOs tend to release games before they’re ready. Bugs, quality issues, too much or too little player-vs.-player content, and a general lack of significant content are commonplace. Gamers’ expectations, when it came to MMOs, were lackluster and reviews were often scathing. The release of RIFT™ took players on an epic journey and the world of MMORPG on a revolutionary new ride.



Ignited was tasked to increase beta buzz, generate awareness and drive sales of Trion Worlds’ new MMORPG RIFT™.
We targeted top MMO gaming publications and relevant cable networks and we implemented a standard online media mix (gaming sites, video, ad networks) and qualified search. In addition, we initiated some wildly successful customized programs. We shepherded a partnership between Trion and deviantART that resulted in the “Create a Colossus” online contest where participants were challenged to design their own massive boss for RIFT. This generated 6,500+ entries, 186,000 user votes, and 4.4 million page views for contest entries alone.
Another program highlight was our partnership with to create a contest for their community, exclusively sponsored by RIFT, in which users determined who ranked as “Top Guild.” This was originally launched as part of the beta test for the game, but it was so well received that Trion gave it a four-month extension through launch. The original flight generated twice the projected brand exposure and 15 times additional exposure via the fan-generated extension.
The overall results were revolutionary. RIFT sales currently estimate at 100 percent above the original target and Trion attributes 75-80 percent of those sales to our media efforts. Since launch, RIFT has acquired 1MM+ players—no other MMO has done that since World of Warcraft.