True Family Guy fans have a liberal and somewhat vulgar sense of humor. There was a natural expectation that the online game will be an extension of the incredibly successful TV show, and therefore be extremely funny. We knew gamers who were already Family Guy fans would be early adopters of the game and champing at the bit to play. So our big challenge was engaging the Family Guy mass audience and create a brand for the game in a way that leveraged the show as well as differentiated itself from it.



The online game space is broken into many types of games with different barriers of entry. Family Guy Online falls into the “accessible” arena, so we took the free-to-play and all-for-fun approach. Family Guy Online is the only game in the universe to take place in the beautiful town of Quahog. This genre-defining game puts the power of a greased up deaf guy into then out of your hands. It’s a browser based, online, multiplayer game, so gameplay is optimized for full browser on Internet action. This allows Family Guy fans and gamers to fully immerse themselves in the Family Guy universe. Built on the Unity gaming platform, Family Guy Online delivers stunning 3D graphics and a persistent world that lets players explore every crevice of Quahog. They can connect with other fans and interact with their favorite Family Guy characters while engaging in adventures based on the show’s hilarious storylines and themes. There’s even a racist sunflower …we’ll let one that marinade a bit.



We launched with the Family Guyzer Sweepstakes, which featured an incredible tool that lets fans transform themselves into a Family Guy type of character. Users can take their Family Guyzed character and walk down Spooner Street, investigate the mysteries of the Mayor West or travel to legendary locations, including the Drunken Clam and the Happy-Go-Lucky Toys.
In addition, by branding every touch point of the online game, from social media to the YouTube brand channel, we used the tagline and had a consistent message that enticed fans at every turn. We simply took the genius of the show and added that crucial element of taking action, and we challenged fans to experience the power of visceral combat where they control every blow or kick to the groin. This level of action spoke perfectly to the underdeveloped and immature fighter in every fan. With the game still in beta, the fun is just revving up!